Advanced Poker Tips Revealed


Poker is one of the most common card games played all over the world today. In this game, players with fully or partially concealed cards make bets into a central pot, after which the pot is awarded to the remaining player or players with the best combination of cards. If you know how to play poker, but want to get better and move on to a more advanced level, then here are some advanced poker tips for you to follow to boost your performance and gains in poker.

The most important thing while playing poker is to never play the game while you are drunk. If you are drunk, you will end up playing loosely and not as sharply as you generally would in your normal state. You should also not play poker when you are depressed or angry. In this state of mind, you will end up playing emotionally and not rationally. Similarly, if you are losing during a game, and start feeling angry, leave the game and go out till you have calmed down. If you are not having a change of mood, then it is better to leave the game for good. Always play with a clear mind. Otherwise, your fellow players will end up taking advantage of you.


The biggest mistake most poker players make is that they play a huge number of hands. Never play too many hands. When you are just an amateur poker player, it means that you want to keep on playing the game and for this you need to stay in hands that are not very good. You will do this just to stay in the game. However, playing more hands does not increase your chances of winning. It generally means that you will just end up losing more. If you are staying in the game, then ensure that you upgrade your starting hand requirements.

While many of you know that bluffing is part of playing poker. However, most players do not understand just how bluffing needs to be carried out. There is no rule which states that a player has to bluff a certain amount. However, most players feel like they have not won the game until unless they bluff during the game. You need to remember that if you bluff, it will only work against some players and in some situations. Not everyone will fall for your bluff. It’s never advisable to bluff. Also remember that you don’t necessarily stay and play a hand simply because you are already a part of it. The money you have already put into the pot isn’t yours anymore and even if you keep playing to the end, you can’t win it all back just by playing a hand.


Overall, when you play, do remember that you need to remember how to play the game and pay attention to the cards on the table. You also need to pay attention to what the other players are doing on the table. Observe your opponents. These are the simple advance poker tips which will help you keep a firm head while playing poker. Rest, of course, depends on your luck as well.

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